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Thanks to some good advice, I’ve decided to hold a giveaway for the opening of myonline store!!!!  

I will pick 3 people randomly using a random generator!!

1st Place: 

Japanese ErwinxLevi Doujinshi (photo above)

Moleskine Plain Paper Sketchbook with a design of your choice drawn by me on the cover!

All sets of stickers from the store 

Any one poster or 4x6 print of your choice

2nd Place: 

All sticker sets 

Traditional ink commission 

★ Tenorikkuma phone strap 

3rd Place: 

Any 1 sticker set from the store

Digital Sketch commission! 


1) You must be following this blog!!!! I will be choosing from my followers!! If you are already following me that’s great! GO TO STEP 2

2) You must reblog THIS POST about my online store! I will be checking the reblogs (NOT LIKES) 

3) You must be okay with providing me your address if you win!!! (Otherwise…I can’t give you the things you won lmfao) 

4) If you have any questions please email me at - DO NOT PUT A QUESTION ABOUT THE GIVE AWAY IN MY ASK (it’ll get cluttered and I wont be able to get to any of them :(( ) 

!!!!!!!!!!!!Giveaway will end on September 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Spreading the word about my store would really help me a lot! So even if you don’t win the prizes your help is greatly appreciated <333

Good luck!!!! <3


Today is the last day for you to enter the contest! I will be choosing the winner tonight at midnight!!! 


New Stickers have been added to the store! 

First place winners will also get one key chain of their choice! (This includes choosing what you want on the front and back!) 

Woo. I think I&#8217;m done with my contest entry! ;w;
That took forever &gt;n&lt;;;

Woo. I think I’m done with my contest entry! ;w;

That took forever >n<;;

deil-grist replied to your post: My cat expects me to be able to draw w…

Hmm, does he look at what you’re drawing or just want to be held?

Just wants to be held. xD

My cat expects me to be able to draw while holding him like this.

THERE. I drew the whole Mane Six for you guys~