Today’s Sketch Daily thing was Sailor Moon. I was gonna do a full color picture, but then I messed up… And I don’t really have enough time before work to fix it. So this is what you guys get.

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Today’s DailySketch was “Ducklings”…

I love ducks, but drawing them sucks.

Decided to try the draw your phone thing on SketchDaily…

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"Eeveelutions are pretty cool" giveaway

Hello, I remade and I think it’s time for a new rad giveaway o/ Thank you for the many people who have already followed me too!

You will win:

  • A brand new eevee 3DS XL.
  • Any eeveelution keychain of your choice
  • Any eeveelution plush of your choice under $40


  •         Must be following me. I’m strictly Pokemon-only.
  •         Only reblogs count, liking can be used for bookmarking only
  •         No giveaway blogs or inactive sideblogs, meaning they don’t count
  •         You must give out your address so I can ship it to you, but that’s only after you win!
  •         If you’re under 16 make sure you have your parents consent I don’t wanna get in trouble.
  •         This is international, I pay for shipping.
  •         Winners will be chosen by a random generator
  •         If you do not respond within 48 hours it goes to the next one in line.

    It ends September 15th. Good luck.

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A doodle because Barakamon is way too cute not to.

Ahh. She’s such a cute character! And I’m really proud of this!